Responding to media with art- a great way to create art

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

wall street art in response of the enron scandal and crash of 2008

wall street, occupy wall street art,

There is a lot of media out there. Now with youtube, nextflix and news channels on-line there is a lot of material out there to grab and make art out of. Responding with art to the information you get from the media can be a great source of inspiration, experimentation and analytical thinking. I love to watch movies but specially I like documentaries. I did this piece in response to the documentary “the smartest men in the room”. I think it is a great documentary that motivates you to learn more about the fraudulent activities that enron was committing and how deregulations is not that good and fancy for the common citizen of America.  After I watched the documentary I got motived to look at who was the graphic designer of the enron’s logo. It was the great graphic designer Paul Rand. I learned a lot about the history of the logo and enron. Also,I get motivated to do some art This picture is part of the whole piece of art. If I start critiquing this art piece of mine I would say that it is just a copy paste of the logos of some of the “banksters” and a fraudulent company “enron”. Also, i can say that the picture next to the logos is a copy of an image of the stock and ex-change market digital board and random words. Well, There are words but they are not random, they say something like  “ask why?” and “Hell Yeah”. some The sentence “ask why” was a slogan of one of the commercials for enron, that now ironically I am using it to persuade my audience to indagate into the logos, the exorbitant quantity of money that is in the stock market board and get informed. Even though I think it is kind of copy/paste art, the creative process, and research process that this piece took me, was worth it. This is because I learned a lot and i hope the audience get to learn more about the the history of the logo, the fraudulent company and some economics and so much more.

???????? am I asking a lot from a piece of art?????? “this question arise exactly after finishing that last sentence. You tell me artists, audience………..???????


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