An artist-Provocateur Finds Out Just How Far He Can Go – The Daily Beast

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A Provocateur Finds Out Just How Far He Can Go – The Daily Beast.

First is he really a provocateur? If you are doing shocking art  just for the sake of shocking and getting attention, well you are a provocateur. But in the case of Ai Weiwei, his art is the way he expresses his political views and instigate political activism. Ai is not just a provocateur but an artist that is concerned about the internal politics  of his country.I do not think Ai has founded how far he can go because the cause of his actions go deeper than contemporary art. There is a wave of supporters that are calling for external media to expose the actions of the chinese government against Ai Weiwei, here is the link 



Contemporary artist and political activist; Ai Weiwei


This is the new and re-loaded way of art. Art with a deep purpose and goal. Activist art. It does not  matter if the Art is shocking or provocative  as long as it is activist art. BUT!!!!!! There is a question that is arising right now!!!!!!!!! Would it matter if the art is disgusting or degrading as long as is activist art???????.???????????????

What do you think?????????



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