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There is a crazy woman screaming!!!! “act, act, act, act…… do good, do good, do good…. connect with people, connect with people, connect with people!!!!! I am going to try my best.


Responding to media with art- a great way to create art

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wall street art in response of the enron scandal and crash of 2008

wall street, occupy wall street art,

There is a lot of media out there. Now with youtube, nextflix and news channels on-line there is a lot of material out there to grab and make art out of. Responding with art to the information you get from the media can be a great source of inspiration, experimentation and analytical thinking. I love to watch movies but specially I like documentaries. I did this piece in response to the documentary “the smartest men in the room”. I think it is a great documentary that motivates you to learn more about the fraudulent activities that enron was committing and how deregulations is not that good and fancy for the common citizen of America.  After I watched the documentary I got motived to look at who was the graphic designer of the enron’s logo. It was the great graphic designer Paul Rand. I learned a lot about the history of the logo and enron. Also,I get motivated to do some art This picture is part of the whole piece of art. If I start critiquing this art piece of mine I would say that it is just a copy paste of the logos of some of the “banksters” and a fraudulent company “enron”. Also, i can say that the picture next to the logos is a copy of an image of the stock and ex-change market digital board and random words. Well, There are words but they are not random, they say something like  “ask why?” and “Hell Yeah”. some The sentence “ask why” was a slogan of one of the commercials for enron, that now ironically I am using it to persuade my audience to indagate into the logos, the exorbitant quantity of money that is in the stock market board and get informed. Even though I think it is kind of copy/paste art, the creative process, and research process that this piece took me, was worth it. This is because I learned a lot and i hope the audience get to learn more about the the history of the logo, the fraudulent company and some economics and so much more.

???????? am I asking a lot from a piece of art?????? “this question arise exactly after finishing that last sentence. You tell me artists, audience………..???????

The 5 things you must do to start with the road to be a professional artist

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Before you start daydreaming with gallery opening nights, sales, fame and the start-dome of a professional artist you must have a big, “I MEAN BIG, LIKE HUMUNGOUS” comprehensive set of work. We are talking about 30 or more good quality art pieces for sale or for show. I think this is one of the big mistakes i did. Not having enough good quality pieces of art to showcase and put my work out there. i mean, I just have 5 excellent art pieces that I am proud of.  To accomplish this you need fearless action upon the canvas, paper or jewlery(whatever is your medium). Because you need to find your style, after that you need to polish it and then perfect it. Here is a quick guide to start getting ready to artist start-dome(well, more like rookie artist in the making).

1.-paint……………You have to paint, paint, and work even more in your painting or in your art. You need to work in your craft every day. Given the fact that to get one excellent piece of art you had worked and trashed like 10 canvas or cotton paper sheets or clay.

2.-be fearless………when i start doing a piece of art, I’ve been afraid of that blank canvas or paper. I procrastinate and procrastinate even more. i think i am afraid to fail and loose my time in a piece of art that is going to be no good. Because one has an idea in one’s head but you do not know how it is going to end up in the canvas or as a finish product. You have to experiment and let the process lead you. You have to learn that it is part of the job. Just paint without being afraid of the results.

3.-Experiment……………………. in relation to not being afraid, i mean you have to be fearless to really be able to experiment and get  something exceptionally good out of your hard work. Because experimenting is serious hard work physically and mentally. When you are learning a new medium, when you start doodling or working with a new material is daunting for you mind because the process is full of doubts. It is daunting for you body because you need time to experiment, so get ready to work since you will need very good organizational skills or there will be sleepless nights. For instance, i did a piece of art out of squares out of tetra packs packaging and carton packaging. At the end i finished with blisters in my fingers because of so much cutting. But believe me it is very rewarding to discover all the beautiful things and art you can came out with, when you let your self to experiment and open your mind to new process and ideas.

4.-do not be disappointed……… when you experiment a lot >>>your are going to fail a lot>>>>> before you succeed a lot. You need to give yourself a break and tell to yourself that you are experimenting to find new ideas that are fresh, interesting and good. In the way of experimenting your are going to end up in dead paths and that will give you the idea that you are no good artist or that this is a waste of time. DO NOT BE DISAPPOINTED> >>>> KEEP WORKING it is part of the process of being an artist. Eventually with patience and hard work you are going to arrive to that finished product that your are going to be very happy and proud about.

5.-Passion…………………………. to paint, to be fearless, to experiment and  do not be disappointed you need PASSION. Make an artist’s mission statement that expresses what you want to express as an artist, what your art is all about,  why you are passionate about art. Read this statement as a reminder of your passion for art because as i explain before, there is going to be disappointment but you have to remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing.

Why are you passionate about art????? why you want to be an artist????? are you an artist in the making????

i want to hear from you!!!!! what has been your experience??????

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